Sweet Felons All

The Sweet Felons All perform at the Wee Folk Club in Toronto
The Sweet Felons All perform at the Wee Folk Club in Toronto.

Sweet Felons All is a Toronto based band playing traditional and traditional style, mostly English, folk music. The Felons are the house band for Another Bloody Folk Club in Toronto, a monthly folk club which showcases the talented and varied musical stylings of the Toronto community as well as importing acts from farther afield. The band have also performed in festivals and folk clubs in Canada and the UK.

Here is a lovely testimonial from the great Enoch Kent:
If you’re trying to introduce someone into folk music for the first time,look for the name, SWEET FELONS ALL.
They represent what I think is best in a folk group.
They sing and play in a free style that brings traditional music to the audience without turning the evening into a bloody lecture.
Their humorous songs are delightful and the mixture of these with the traditional songs is just right to coax newcomers into folk music.
I’ve been a singer for over 60 years and they manage to coax me into the audience of their folk club on the first Sunday of every month.
It’s called, ANOTHER BLOODY FOLK CLUB, the name might give you an  idea of the  fun they see in their music.”
Originally formed as long ago as 1996, the band has undergone a number of changes over the years with the core members, Mary Read, Kevin Watson and Paul Read being the common factor throughout.  The current line-up includes the fine addition of fiddle player, pianist, vocalist and computer whiz,  Rob Rohr.   Ex member Justin Morrison has been known to add his mandolin, bass and vocal talents to the mix.
With the advent of Another Bloody Folk Club the band has once again become active in the folk circuit and has performed at a number of folk clubs and festivals.  We have just completed a 2015 UK visit (with Justin) where we appeared at the Warwick Folk Festival and at the Shakespeares folk venue in Sheffield.
The Felons will be posting videos and pictures from performances as well as providing information about upcoming gigs and events.

Traditional English music in Toronto, Ontario